Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Kimberly Morris

Artist: Kimberly Morris
Exhibition: What’s Mine is Yours, What’s Real is Not
Media: Photographs
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A

When I visited the Art Gallery the artist Kimberly Morris was not present, however she posted a little bit about herself through a post on the wall of the art gallery in CSULB School of Arts. Her description is that she is of Creole heritage which in totality meant that she is of African and European decent. I learned later that this influenced the world around her and the society that surround her. Her art exhibition showcases many of the ideas and thoughts about passed standards and judgements in our society today.

The photograph being displayed is a muted less social photograph that has hidden features. The colors in this photograph are that of natural hair color seen in daily life until you reach the bottom of the photograph which has an array of unnatural colors that are not seen on hair everyday.The way the hair is rapped around the body shows a kind of confinement and that is the visual representation of what you see first. It is wrapped around so there is no ability to see other features of the body.

I believe that when Kimberly Morris took the photograph ” Individuals” she thought about how she is affected by the trends and standards that are given to not only her but other people in society. The main inspiration for her art pieces and particularly this one is the questioning of who decides the judgement of others and what is the standard beauty today. The social norms are not presented in her art pieces and it was shown as restrictions and exploration outside of these norms that are given to everyone, not just her.

As I viewed  Kimberly Morris’s art I feel as if she tries to capture the rebellion of the standard of beauty even though there is not one set to just everybody. I understand and as a female myself I also wonder the things she was influenced to believe and guidelines we are suppose to follow even if we don’t know exactly why they were set in the first place. I am not as diverse in my heritage, but as a Hispanic I also relate to the way my culture has taken over who I am and how I present myself. When I look at this photograph I see a woman trapped by not only hair, but the unknowing of what is right and what is wrong in the standard of beauty around the globe in such a modern time like today.


Moonbase Alpha-Lentha



Hello my name is Lentha, a very different name for someone who takes care of the little nature that we have here at Moonbase Alpha. We wanted something that compared to a little planet called Earth with the vegetation and meadows here on this planet. I was created for the balance of our technology and the purest element which is nature itself. The things I like to do on a daily basis is go for a walk in the meadows and repair any damaged plants I see around me. I am also vegetarian which is the latest thing here and even though I fix plants I also eat them when I know there is no hope for them at all. My green appearance is because I eat the dead plants and the all travel to my body.


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Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Fred Eck

Artist: Fred Eck

Media: Painting, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

This week’s artist is Fred Eck, he lives in Southern California and for these paintings he used the “Alla Prima” painting process. Not much else was said about this artist however he seems experienced in painting processes. His main theme for these paintings consisted of every day life by his current lifestyle. He also enjoys working on portraits which he brings the viewer of his paintings a sense of empathy.

The painting mainly had textured paintings with an oil type of gloss. It mimics the colors that we tend to see on a daily basis and has a large quantity of shading along with depth to the drawing. The painting with the small child has more earth tones and as if it was a sepia photograph of the past. Both paintings that capture a classroom setting have more vibrant colors that catch the eyes of anyone who sees it in certain parts of the paintings. There is also imitation of other paintings within Eck’s so that adds more realistic qualities to those paintings in particular.

Living in Southern California Fred Eck wanted to capture the genre of everyday life which is now his lifestyle as of today. He also wanted to illustrate his memories that he recollects and his past experiences before his current lifestyles. These paintings here and many others show his daily observations of the community and activities that surround him. One thing that he states is that “conveying concern look into how drawing and painting play a key role  in conveying form in space and human figures in motion.”

These types of paintings capture my attention for the purpose that I understand what is happening and what I am looking at. At first I did not know why he chose to do such simple concepts, but you tend to understand that those are his observations and it is something that we all tend to do everyday. The fact that he used a complicated method of painting the drawings, it shows that he is enthusiastic about his art and how he shows it to his audience. The way he draws people and how he captures many gestures is quite impressive because sometimes we think that people don’t know or notice our non-verbal communication.




Wk 8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This was the silliest thing I have very done for an art project. I did not expect it, but I enjoyed those few minutes that I got to relax and just let the drawing do itself. At the beginning I wondered and overthought the process because it did not make sense to just let the pencil do the work. I asked my mother to do this because she is always in a rushed manner and this was a good way for us to bond and for her to stop for a moment and not think about that we have to do later. During the drawing session one thing kept popping into my head, my mother just found out that she has carpal tunnel syndrome so this was a good exercise for her. For some reason that is all I could think about while drawing. For that purpose, I chose her and I’m glad I did because in the end I asked her how she felt and she felt great. I jokingly said that we should do this each week, but it may be that she took it seriously since she genuinely like the whole experience.


Wk 6-Art Experience-Photo Walk

The photo walk experience was a good concept for us to really appreciate the aesthetics  that are right in our campus. Usually when we are busy getting to class and focusing on work, we tend to not notice the great sculptures that were specially designed for student to enjoy. I liked walking around and taking time to just see things that I pass a lot of times. For my pictures I wanted to include the most famous ones that include water and some that just stand on their own. I know it might be repetitive to take pictures of this, but at least now I am more aware of how great and unique these pieces are and how different the campus would be without them. Overall my guide was good and there is just so much they can cover in one walk. Something that can be improved is find different things to look at or things so simple you don’t even know they are there.

Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Sunny Min

“Rythem of the Fiddle”

Artist: Sunny Min

Exhibition: Fuse

Media: Metal work,copper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art,Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

The art gallery showcased many group exhibition which came from the Metal and Jewelry department. Sunny Min was not present during the time that I was there, however from what I can recollect is that she or possibly he was a part of the Metals and Jewelry program in California State Long Beach. It is unclear if they were majoring in BFA or if he/she was picked even though they are not majoring in this specific category.

This art piece is made out of copper metal and it has elongated features in the violin that it is depicted here. It does not look like an exact replica of the original but rather it is a skinny version of the instrument. It appears to be light and airy as it curves in different directions. The strings of the violin also curl up and bunch up together. The art piece is shaped as a bent type of spoon. This one contrasts many of the others because they were heavy in probably the thought of it while being made and this piece is very gentle and goes along the curves rather than sharp edges or harsh lines. It is the opposite of that.

Not much is said about this particular piece however the title of it says a lot about what the artist might possibly want it to mean to them. I assume that Sunny Min thought about the sound of the fiddle of a violin while making this features and the overall look of the metal work. They might also have a personal connection with the fiddle or a violin. It might be something that they are good at playing and has deeper meaning to them.

Some people might see this as a simple violin sculpture and that’s mainly why I picked it. To me it had a purpose to show how the sound of the violin could be demonstrated through art. The sound that usually does come out once you play it can not be seen but heard. With this art piece you can visibly see the sound and I assume that the sound is close to a fiddle. The way the metal copper was bent and curved had to be what each person hears. It is different to everyone, but I think the piece was what Sunny Min hears when they see and hear the violin being played.






Wk 5-Classmate Conversation- Valentina Ramirez


Many things surprised me about Valentina because there was more about her than what you think. To start off she is in her fourth year in Cal State Long Beach and she is in her last semester and so close to graduating. She majored in Sociology and minored in child development along with family studies. A more personal side of her life is that she lives with her husband and her two husky dogs which I think are amazing dogs and very cute at the same time. When she was young, around six grade, she began to practice MMA all the way to her second year of university. I thought it was interesting that she did a rigorous sport like this one. What impacted me the most was that she said that her dad wanted her brother to do it and he also said that she wouldn’t be dedicated it enough to do it. All this time she did it to prove him wrong and enjoyed it along the way. Even though she injured her knee I think what she did was incredible. She still likes to go hike and bike around the city despite her knee injury. The things she likes doing are mainly doing to eat dinner and hang out with her parents. She tries to visit her parents as much as possible since she lives with her husband. I can relate to her because I like to stay close to my family as well. Random fact about her: she likes to eat which I can really relate to.

Link to Valentina’s website:https://ramirezelorzaartwordpresscom.wordpress.com/

Wk 5-Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure

For this week I had no idea what I was going to do since the beginning, but later on I saw some Youtube videos about glitter roots which was really weird to search up. Apparently it was a trendy thing to do and many people experimented with different color and textures. I thought this was a very simple thing to do yet it looked really nice and very different from everyday hair. I applied glitter with hair gel and it was surprisingly easy to clean up and wash out. I wanted to go the extra mile and color my hair a different color as well, non-permanent because I’m afraid to damage my hair all the way. Overall this a cool idea and it showed really well in the pictures.Again my parents and friend thought I was cray for doing  I did it all by myself and I liked the results. Hopefully this meets the requirements even though I still enjoyed doing it since it was not something I do every day and don’t plan to.

Wk 4 Art Experience-Graffiti Writing


I never knew that I sucked at graffiti, but it is something that takes practice. I now have a bigger admiration for those people who are talented enough to spray paint in any area and surface and it truly comes out great. You would think that anyone could do this, however I think it comes naturally and not for everyone. I am the type of person who likes guidelines and precise measurements and I found out that this type of art is the opposite because there are no rules to this or specific orders to start and end. I would seriously like to learn how to use the spray can because it was a bit messy and the lines are not visible. I’d  also like to learn how to control that aspect of the writing. Overall I was stuck on how to start and I overthought it and I had to handle it in a more calm manner. The less I though about getting the right amount of paint, the easier it was to get it out the way I wanted.

Wk 3- Art Conversation-Enrique Robles


Artist: Enrique Robles
Exhibition: International Perspective
Media: Photograph
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A


From what I can gather, the student who took this photo is someone who went to Guatemala as their Study Abroad trip from 2008 or some year close to the present. The artist was not in the gallery at the moment, however from what I can conclude is that the artist wanted to capture his experience through one picture. He really enjoyed his visit and found the true essence of what tourists come to see in this country.

The photograph may look simple from a far, but the closer you get the colors of the photo pop out at you. There are vivid colors of orange, red, and yellow as old Spanish buildings are usually painted. There is an overpower of greenery in the back of the buildings were the enormous volcano is. There is a sort of rustic feeling of the place when photograph was taken because of no modernistic architecture around. The photo also has a similarity to what spring looks like as opposed to others that had around the exhibition of study abroad trips. The photo takes a candid shot of what it’s like in a normal basis and what every day is like for the people who are not tourists.

This photographer made a great point with this picture, he stated that Guatemala is a great place to go and get away from “commercialism” and it somehow does go away when you notice the beauty of this country. He says that Guatemala is one of the few places where you can mix history and greenery at the same time. There are not many country now a days that still have Spanish inspired buildings with a grand volcano in the background. I believe that when he took their picture he wanted to avoid tourists, but rather capture an every day type of picture. He did this in order to get rid of what could contradict his belief of this country which would be lost through modernization of today and everywhere.

Now for a person who comes from Guatemala and wanting to recollect the memories there, it is nice to see my country in someone’s perspective. This picture showcases all of the accommodations that are offered in Guatemala, in this case it is not something you can buy. What they offer has to do more with what nature can give you and make you experience on your own. I for one completely agree with the photographer because we are appreciating the country in itself. It is disappointing that many people don’t even know that this country exists and what it looks like. All my family is from here and this photo makes me wonder if they take in the beauty or if it’s just something they see everyday. I wonder this because we sometimes forget what we have in front of us and now that Enrique Robles captured this, I truly appreciated my heritage and where I come from.