Week 13-Art Experience- French Girls (Drawing)


So I felt like such a newbie when I tried this app out. There were talented people who do so much with just the tip of their finger. These people are like little hidden gems in the art world because you don’t see their work physically and rather in a small screen. My experience included amazement because the artists either draw the selfie or invent something totally different. Some people go into big detail and some, like me, do the best they can. It took a while to get some interaction with people since I assume everyone has their favorites and little group they talk to. In this app it takes a few days to get even a drawing so that is something that I didn’t like. I could pay someone but that just takes away the creativity I think. The concept is cool but I wish I used it when people were talking as much as drawing. It might not be as popular anymore because we have other apps like Snapchat that lets you do anything with photos. Overall this experience was cool but the app needs to be popular again for it to be more enjoyable. I like to think that someone in the world will draw my selfie one day. I will definitely be waiting since art, even on phones, can’t be rushed.


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