Wk 12- Art Experience-Game Design/Geocaching

The coordinates to my cache: Latitude 34.1794823, Longitude -118.5015955

Making my own cache was way more fun than finding one in my area. I loved collecting small enough items to fill in my box and they were a little personal. I added the most random things and I also added some that gave a hint to who might have made it in the first place.I picked an area where I used to go in my childhood which is not in Long Beach but rather in The San Fernando Valley. All together I found it to be something awesome because I leave something behind in the world and I leave it up to people to make it good or destroy it. Finding a cache took time and patients because GPS are not as accurate as I would like to find these things and I don’t know how to use coordinates. Towards the end I did find it, however there was nothing in there but a log book so I put my name and put my item. All of this reminded me that the world we live in today still has its little secrets even though we think we found every corner of the world. You could walk the same street your whole life but never see something like geocaching because it is considered something sacred until you are informed about it.Until it is brought to your attention there is no recollection of the time other people have witnessed in the same area. To someone the place might have a different meaning and perspective. Everyone has their own story, whether good or bad, and it doesn’t mean we are “muggles” since each of us see things differently.


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