Wk 11-Art Activity-Turning Pages

To some people this experience/activity would be rather silly or pointless until other people start to questions things like Marta did. In this type of situation there was no right manner in documenting it and what was out there could not really be captured. I feel as if an experience like this one can be captured with words but not pictures.The way you express yourself is how others will know what you went through and might not get a 100% what you are talking about and that’s okay because everyone has their own perspective. A way to share your experience with others is if you recommend them to do it themselves and what you enjoyed  should be told in order for them to try it as well. If you don’t do this then documenting an experience becomes a job and you end up trying too hard to make it seem like a perfect time when in reality a picture doesn’t say the whole story. For me, not taking pictures in the library was good because it was out of the ordinary from our class time. In the bookstore I felt a little more freedom to explore by myself and get a few pictures while I experienced it. My overall experience was pretty cool because I got to see places on campus that I pass everyday and don’t stop and appreciate it  being there. One thing I thought about is how in future most of the things will be gone once we get something “better.” No one will know about it except for the ones who experienced it.


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