Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Kimberly Morris

Artist: Kimberly Morris
Exhibition: What’s Mine is Yours, What’s Real is Not
Media: Photographs
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A

When I visited the Art Gallery the artist Kimberly Morris was not present, however she posted a little bit about herself through a post on the wall of the art gallery in CSULB School of Arts. Her description is that she is of Creole heritage which in totality meant that she is of African and European decent. I learned later that this influenced the world around her and the society that surround her. Her art exhibition showcases many of the ideas and thoughts about passed standards and judgements in our society today.

The photograph being displayed is a muted less social photograph that has hidden features. The colors in this photograph are that of natural hair color seen in daily life until you reach the bottom of the photograph which has an array of unnatural colors that are not seen on hair everyday.The way the hair is rapped around the body shows a kind of confinement and that is the visual representation of what you see first. It is wrapped around so there is no ability to see other features of the body.

I believe that when Kimberly Morris took the photograph ” Individuals” she thought about how she is affected by the trends and standards that are given to not only her but other people in society. The main inspiration for her art pieces and particularly this one is the questioning of who decides the judgement of others and what is the standard beauty today. The social norms are not presented in her art pieces and it was shown as restrictions and exploration outside of these norms that are given to everyone, not just her.

As I viewed  Kimberly Morris’s art I feel as if she tries to capture the rebellion of the standard of beauty even though there is not one set to just everybody. I understand and as a female myself I also wonder the things she was influenced to believe and guidelines we are suppose to follow even if we don’t know exactly why they were set in the first place. I am not as diverse in my heritage, but as a Hispanic I also relate to the way my culture has taken over who I am and how I present myself. When I look at this photograph I see a woman trapped by not only hair, but the unknowing of what is right and what is wrong in the standard of beauty around the globe in such a modern time like today.


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