Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Fred Eck

Artist: Fred Eck

Media: Painting, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

This week’s artist is Fred Eck, he lives in Southern California and for these paintings he used the “Alla Prima” painting process. Not much else was said about this artist however he seems experienced in painting processes. His main theme for these paintings consisted of every day life by his current lifestyle. He also enjoys working on portraits which he brings the viewer of his paintings a sense of empathy.

The painting mainly had textured paintings with an oil type of gloss. It mimics the colors that we tend to see on a daily basis and has a large quantity of shading along with depth to the drawing. The painting with the small child has more earth tones and as if it was a sepia photograph of the past. Both paintings that capture a classroom setting have more vibrant colors that catch the eyes of anyone who sees it in certain parts of the paintings. There is also imitation of other paintings within Eck’s so that adds more realistic qualities to those paintings in particular.

Living in Southern California Fred Eck wanted to capture the genre of everyday life which is now his lifestyle as of today. He also wanted to illustrate his memories that he recollects and his past experiences before his current lifestyles. These paintings here and many others show his daily observations of the community and activities that surround him. One thing that he states is that “conveying concern look into how drawing and painting play a key roleĀ  in conveying form in space and human figures in motion.”

These types of paintings capture my attention for the purpose that I understand what is happening and what I am looking at. At first I did not know why he chose to do such simple concepts, but you tend to understand that those are his observations and it is something that we all tend to do everyday. The fact that he used a complicated method of painting the drawings, it shows that he is enthusiastic about his art and how he shows it to his audience. The way he draws people and how he captures many gestures is quite impressive because sometimes we think that people don’t know or notice our non-verbal communication.





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