Wk 8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This was the silliest thing I have very done for an art project. I did not expect it, but I enjoyed those few minutes that I got to relax and just let the drawing do itself. At the beginning I wondered and overthought the process because it did not make sense to just let the pencil do the work. I asked my mother to do this because she is always in a rushed manner and this was a good way for us to bond and for her to stop for a moment and not think about that we have to do later. During the drawing session one thing kept popping into my head, my mother just found out that she has carpal tunnel syndrome so this was a good exercise for her. For some reason that is all I could think about while drawing. For that purpose, I chose her and I’m glad I did because in the end I asked her how she felt and she felt great. I jokingly said that we should do this each week, but it may be that she took it seriously since she genuinely like the whole experience.



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