Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Werner Cox


Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com

Helen Werner Cox is a student here at Cal State Long Beach planning to major and obtain a higher degree in Fine Arts. She is originally from New York, but stayed in Boston for quite a few years before coming to California. During her time in California she became an art teacher in a middle school and actually enjoys it.

Helen’s type of painting includes small and abstract strokes that adds a texture that you could imagine that pop out. The realism of her paintings are caused by the shading and the use of colors that are associated with real life scenarios. As you look at it, the mimic of movement sways with the way the direction that all of the colors and strokes follow. There is also emphasis on certain focal points on the painting, for example the carousal figurines in the front were added with great detail. They had the most color and expressions while the rest where just seen as shadows of some sort. Overall the painting had dark elements and light in the main point and center of the painting.

For the symbolism of Helen Werner Cox’s painting, it is solely based around the image of the carousal and what it means to her. The way she pictures it is that it represents how  human society has lost the momentum of going far and accomplishing things that it sets off. It is like an endless cycle that does move, and to add, does not go anywhere. Cox does not say that it is impossible in our society since certain people actually gain the movement of going somewhere. Not only are there contrasting colors in her painting but there is also the way she wanted to present society through her eyes.

Call me old fashion and close minded, but when I saw the painting I thought it was about a fun time a carousal could bring children. I never could of thought of it like Helen Werner Cox, but I can see where she is coming from. It makes me reflect on how sometimes I get stuck or repeat my mistakes instead of  learning from my errors. Not only is it interesting to look at the painting, but also view it before as your own perspective in the beginning and following up to the way the the certain artist sees their own images.




Wl 10- Instagram

While trying out this experience I noticed that since we basically show every move we make in our lives on social media, it adds a sense of community and sometimes loses the meaning of asking someone what they did that day. We now tend to say” oh yes I saw what you did on instagram or snapchat.” I can’t complain otherwise because having our own hashtag is really cool and you can also be a little curious and see what your classmates are doing on a daily basis. I left instagram a few months ago, but using it again was different because I didn’t see how much my life has changed in a couple of months before. Overall I like sharing the little things I do and trying to make my life a little interesting for people to see.

Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Kimberly Morris

Artist: Kimberly Morris
Exhibition: What’s Mine is Yours, What’s Real is Not
Media: Photographs
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A

When I visited the Art Gallery the artist Kimberly Morris was not present, however she posted a little bit about herself through a post on the wall of the art gallery in CSULB School of Arts. Her description is that she is of Creole heritage which in totality meant that she is of African and European decent. I learned later that this influenced the world around her and the society that surround her. Her art exhibition showcases many of the ideas and thoughts about passed standards and judgements in our society today.

The photograph being displayed is a muted less social photograph that has hidden features. The colors in this photograph are that of natural hair color seen in daily life until you reach the bottom of the photograph which has an array of unnatural colors that are not seen on hair everyday.The way the hair is rapped around the body shows a kind of confinement and that is the visual representation of what you see first. It is wrapped around so there is no ability to see other features of the body.

I believe that when Kimberly Morris took the photograph ” Individuals” she thought about how she is affected by the trends and standards that are given to not only her but other people in society. The main inspiration for her art pieces and particularly this one is the questioning of who decides the judgement of others and what is the standard beauty today. The social norms are not presented in her art pieces and it was shown as restrictions and exploration outside of these norms that are given to everyone, not just her.

As I viewed  Kimberly Morris’s art I feel as if she tries to capture the rebellion of the standard of beauty even though there is not one set to just everybody. I understand and as a female myself I also wonder the things she was influenced to believe and guidelines we are suppose to follow even if we don’t know exactly why they were set in the first place. I am not as diverse in my heritage, but as a Hispanic I also relate to the way my culture has taken over who I am and how I present myself. When I look at this photograph I see a woman trapped by not only hair, but the unknowing of what is right and what is wrong in the standard of beauty around the globe in such a modern time like today.

Moonbase Alpha-Lentha



Hello my name is Lentha, a very different name for someone who takes care of the little nature that we have here at Moonbase Alpha. We wanted something that compared to a little planet called Earth with the vegetation and meadows here on this planet. I was created for the balance of our technology and the purest element which is nature itself. The things I like to do on a daily basis is go for a walk in the meadows and repair any damaged plants I see around me. I am also vegetarian which is the latest thing here and even though I fix plants I also eat them when I know there is no hope for them at all. My green appearance is because I eat the dead plants and the all travel to my body.


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Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Fred Eck

Artist: Fred Eck

Media: Painting, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

This week’s artist is Fred Eck, he lives in Southern California and for these paintings he used the “Alla Prima” painting process. Not much else was said about this artist however he seems experienced in painting processes. His main theme for these paintings consisted of every day life by his current lifestyle. He also enjoys working on portraits which he brings the viewer of his paintings a sense of empathy.

The painting mainly had textured paintings with an oil type of gloss. It mimics the colors that we tend to see on a daily basis and has a large quantity of shading along with depth to the drawing. The painting with the small child has more earth tones and as if it was a sepia photograph of the past. Both paintings that capture a classroom setting have more vibrant colors that catch the eyes of anyone who sees it in certain parts of the paintings. There is also imitation of other paintings within Eck’s so that adds more realistic qualities to those paintings in particular.

Living in Southern California Fred Eck wanted to capture the genre of everyday life which is now his lifestyle as of today. He also wanted to illustrate his memories that he recollects and his past experiences before his current lifestyles. These paintings here and many others show his daily observations of the community and activities that surround him. One thing that he states is that “conveying concern look into how drawing and painting play a key role  in conveying form in space and human figures in motion.”

These types of paintings capture my attention for the purpose that I understand what is happening and what I am looking at. At first I did not know why he chose to do such simple concepts, but you tend to understand that those are his observations and it is something that we all tend to do everyday. The fact that he used a complicated method of painting the drawings, it shows that he is enthusiastic about his art and how he shows it to his audience. The way he draws people and how he captures many gestures is quite impressive because sometimes we think that people don’t know or notice our non-verbal communication.




Wk 8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This was the silliest thing I have very done for an art project. I did not expect it, but I enjoyed those few minutes that I got to relax and just let the drawing do itself. At the beginning I wondered and overthought the process because it did not make sense to just let the pencil do the work. I asked my mother to do this because she is always in a rushed manner and this was a good way for us to bond and for her to stop for a moment and not think about that we have to do later. During the drawing session one thing kept popping into my head, my mother just found out that she has carpal tunnel syndrome so this was a good exercise for her. For some reason that is all I could think about while drawing. For that purpose, I chose her and I’m glad I did because in the end I asked her how she felt and she felt great. I jokingly said that we should do this each week, but it may be that she took it seriously since she genuinely like the whole experience.