Wk 5-Classmate Conversation- Valentina Ramirez


Many things surprised me about Valentina because there was more about her than what you think. To start off she is in her fourth year in Cal State Long Beach and she is in her last semester and so close to graduating. She majored in Sociology and minored in child development along with family studies. A more personal side of her life is that she lives with her husband and her two husky dogs which I think are amazing dogs and very cute at the same time. When she was young, around six grade, she began to practice MMA all the way to her second year of university. I thought it was interesting that she did a rigorous sport like this one. What impacted me the most was that she said that her dad wanted her brother to do it and he also said that she wouldn’t be dedicated it enough to do it. All this time she did it to prove him wrong and enjoyed it along the way. Even though she injured her knee I think what she did was incredible. She still likes to go hike and bike around the city despite her knee injury. The things she likes doing are mainly doing to eat dinner and hang out with her parents. She tries to visit her parents as much as possible since she lives with her husband. I can relate to her because I like to stay close to my family as well. Random fact about her: she likes to eat which I can really relate to.

Link to Valentina’s website:https://ramirezelorzaartwordpresscom.wordpress.com/


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