Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Sunny Min

“Rythem of the Fiddle”

Artist: Sunny Min

Exhibition: Fuse

Media: Metal work,copper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art,Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

The art gallery showcased many group exhibition which came from the Metal and Jewelry department. Sunny Min was not present during the time that I was there, however from what I can recollect is that she or possibly he was a part of the Metals and Jewelry program in California State Long Beach. It is unclear if they were majoring in BFA or if he/she was picked even though they are not majoring in this specific category.

This art piece is made out of copper metal and it has elongated features in the violin that it is depicted here. It does not look like an exact replica of the original but rather it is a skinny version of the instrument. It appears to be light and airy as it curves in different directions. The strings of the violin also curl up and bunch up together. The art piece is shaped as a bent type of spoon. This one contrasts many of the others because they were heavy in probably the thought of it while being made and this piece is very gentle and goes along the curves rather than sharp edges or harsh lines. It is the opposite of that.

Not much is said about this particular piece however the title of it says a lot about what the artist might possibly want it to mean to them. I assume that Sunny Min thought about the sound of the fiddle of a violin while making this features and the overall look of the metal work. They might also have a personal connection with the fiddle or a violin. It might be something that they are good at playing and has deeper meaning to them.

Some people might see this as a simple violin sculpture and that’s mainly why I picked it. To me it had a purpose to show how the sound of the violin could be demonstrated through art. The sound that usually does come out once you play it can not be seen but heard. With this art piece you can visibly see the sound and I assume that the sound is close to a fiddle. The way the metal copper was bent and curved had to be what each person hears. It is different to everyone, but I think the piece was what Sunny Min hears when they see and hear the violin being played.







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