Wk 4 Art Experience-Graffiti Writing


I never knew that I sucked at graffiti, but it is something that takes practice. I now have a bigger admiration for those people who are talented enough to spray paint in any area and surface and it truly comes out great. You would think that anyone could do this, however I think it comes naturally and not for everyone. I am the type of person who likes guidelines and precise measurements and I found out that this type of art is the opposite because there are no rules to this or specific orders to start and end. I would seriously like to learn how to use the spray can because it was a bit messy and the lines are not visible. I’d  also like to learn how to control that aspect of the writing. Overall I was stuck on how to start and I overthought it and I had to handle it in a more calm manner. The less I though about getting the right amount of paint, the easier it was to get it out the way I wanted.


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