Wk 3 Art Experience-Snapchat

I’m definitely a person who is new to Snapchat. I barely started using it this past summer and I really liked it. It allowed me to connect with people from the past and to connect with certain family members who are far away. With students from a class was a different type of way of getting to know someone. I added a few people that I haven’t even met in person, but oddly enough I got to see who they hang out with, what they do during the week, and what type of person they are. Many seem very friendly and I would love to get to know other people in this class. I am a very shy person so this was not an easy task to add people or send them a message so you can semi-stalk them in this content. Jokes aside, Snapchat is awesome and I would recommend adding people you don’t expect even if it is out of your comfort zone. All of these projects have got me somewhat out of my shell and it has been good so far. I’m quickly learning that we can really help each other out in this class.


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