Wk 3- Art Conversation-Enrique Robles


Artist: Enrique Robles
Exhibition: International Perspective
Media: Photograph
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A


From what I can gather, the student who took this photo is someone who went to Guatemala as their Study Abroad trip from 2008 or some year close to the present. The artist was not in the gallery at the moment, however from what I can conclude is that the artist wanted to capture his experience through one picture. He really enjoyed his visit and found the true essence of what tourists come to see in this country.

The photograph may look simple from a far, but the closer you get the colors of the photo pop out at you. There are vivid colors of orange, red, and yellow as old Spanish buildings are usually painted. There is an overpower of greenery in the back of the buildings were the enormous volcano is. There is a sort of rustic feeling of the place when photograph was taken because of no modernistic architecture around. The photo also has a similarity to what spring looks like as opposed to others that had around the exhibition of study abroad trips. The photo takes a candid shot of what it’s like in a normal basis and what every day is like for the people who are not tourists.

This photographer made a great point with this picture, he stated that Guatemala is a great place to go and get away from “commercialism” and it somehow does go away when you notice the beauty of this country. He says that Guatemala is one of the few places where you can mix history and greenery at the same time. There are not many country now a days that still have Spanish inspired buildings with a grand volcano in the background. I believe that when he took their picture he wanted to avoid tourists, but rather capture an every day type of picture. He did this in order to get rid of what could contradict his belief of this country which would be lost through modernization of today and everywhere.

Now for a person who comes from Guatemala and wanting to recollect the memories there, it is nice to see my country in someone’s perspective. This picture showcases all of the accommodations that are offered in Guatemala, in this case it is not something you can buy. What they offer has to do more with what nature can give you and make you experience on your own. I for one completely agree with the photographer because we are appreciating the country in itself. It is disappointing that many people don’t even know that this country exists and what it looks like. All my family is from here and this photo makes me wonder if they take in the beauty or if it’s just something they see everyday. I wonder this because we sometimes forget what we have in front of us and now that Enrique Robles captured this, I truly appreciated my heritage and where I come from.







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