Wk 1 Art Experience-Photography 1 Landscape with a Corpse

IMG_1902-1 (3)IMG_1906As a first experience of this art class it was pretty unusual and out of my comfort zone. It is a good way to start this course because we get a feel of what we want to express without knowing what it is just yet. I brought along my very traditional family to the park to do this and they don’t understand the concept, but then again no one has taken an art class that sees other ways of photography that isn’t shown everywhere. Anyway, I picked the park because for some reason it is a very peaceful place where you see families together and you get a sense of community here, I envisioned my death to be a peaceful one and to be surrounded in a place where you spent time as a child and have a fatal ending in it too. Overall it was fun for me and it was cool to act something that we don’t really think about everyday.


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